About Us

BlackBall Desserts’ Edmonton

BlackBall Desserts’ Edmonton is the first franchised dessert tea shop by the mother company from Taiwan. BlackBall Desserts has more than a hundred stores all over the world including Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia and the United States. Please let BlackBall let you experience the delicious taste of food from Taiwan.


A fortunate discovery of a gem has redefined Taiwanese desserts. It all began with a chance encounter with a local gem by an accomplished tour guide, Mr. Tang Yin Wei, in the Guan Xi province in Taiwan. This local gem in the form of grass jelly is known as ‘Xian Cao’ in Taiwan and the moment that Mr. Tang first tasted it revolutionised the Taiwanese desserts industry. A product that not only tastes good but is healthy and nutritious for the body, Mr. Tang believed in the need to share this discovery with the world. Finding the gem was only half the battle. The other half was the challenges of starting up a business and establishing a global brand and making it a success. Then Mr. Tang enlisted the help of his brother, Mr. Tang Ke Wei. The latter, realising the great potential behind Tang’s business proposal decided to give up his stable employment and headed to Taipei to work on the project. Both brothers worked very hard in their research and development to develop a grass jelly that is both world class and unique. Using natural ingredients and incurring high costs, they finally succeeded. The brand, BlackBall Desserts, in the course of a year became a success.